G3 boat packages feature custom, precision fit BEAR® trailers. The patented Trail Guard® detachable trailer tongue is standard equipment on most Eagle packages. Boat trailers sold by G3 are available with brakes as standard or optional equipment. Contact your state's Motor Vehicle Department for trailer brake requirements.  trail-guard-black-trailer-hitch.jpg
 Lockable Trail Guard® detachable trailer tongue shortens package length by 20". Deduct 20” from package length for storage length.
trailer-winch.jpg trailer-axle.jpg trailer-guides.jpg trailer-bunks.jpg
Heavy duty 1300 lb. winch exceeds leading competitors' weight ratings. Computer controlled robotic axle construction provides dependability and durability.
Wind Guides are 36" long attached with two welded tubular steel supports.
4 drive-on bunks provide extra
support and protection for your hull.
trailer-frame.jpg trailer-bracket.jpg trailer-fender.jpg trailer-axle-clearance.jpg
Compare trailer frame size when purchasing a quality boat package. 2" x 3" tubular steel frame with three crossmembers.
Bunk brackets attach using two bolts and 3" x 1/4" flat steel welded to main crossmember.
Welded on steel fenders with step pads are strong and durable.
High axle clearance means less chance of damage or delays on rough roads.­­­


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