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Gregg Pickett's Great Catch
Typically I dont use my 14 foot G3 jonboat and 9.9 HP 4-stroke Yamaha on big water, but the weather was predicted to be overcast and calm that day, so I decided to give the Susquehanna Flats a try. This portion of the upper Chesapeake Bay is 3 to 7 miles wide but only 3 to 8 feet deep in most areas. At around 9:30am, while I was using an old Heddon Crazy Shad(propellers on each end)I had a big explosion as the fish hit my surface lure. I was only using 10lb test and spinning gear, so it took me 15 minutes or more to get the nice striped bass to the boat. Because I was fishing by myself, just getting a fish that size into the boat was pretty difficult. My landing net is meant for largemouth and panfish, not stripers. The fish was 36 long and weighed 17lbs 4oz on my Berkeley digital scale. Since I was fishing alone that day, I had to prop my camera up on top of my camera bag on the front deck of my G3 and set the timer just to get a picture, so as you can see, it isnt the greatest picture in the world. The fish was released immediately after the picture was taken. I also caught and released stripers of 13lbs 12oz and 14lbs 15oz earlier that day on Bass Assassin lures (fished along the bottom in about 6 feet of water).