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Date: 03/09/2015
Joe DeLuca of Havana, FL writes:


Wife and I just purchased a weekend coast home and needed a boat. Wife wanted a pontoon and I wanted a flats. So, we started thinking pontoon, of course. I researched all pontoons and was impressed by the G3 tri-toon with lifting strakes. First stop on our shopping weekend was Mikes Marine Panacea, Fl. After telling Mike what we were looking for, He showed us a 2018 Black and Light gold V 322 F, 22 FT. with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. Mike gave us a great price with everything my wife wanted and sold us the boat. After military discount and Yamaha discount, the price was even better. Took it out yesterday and ran the boat. Now we are even more impressed with the overall deck space, appearance, handling, and overall quality. Not to mention the looks from other boaters when they see you cruise by. In my opinion, the G 3 is a great boat and investment in our retirement leisure.

Date: 03/09/2015
Miles Hardin of Tulsa, OK writes:

G3,in December of 2014 I ordered a V322F/C with a 150hp and 3-7-15 I took it out and wow I am impressed with the performance and the design of this boat. This is my third G3 pontoon and I wouldn't own anything else. I would like to add Paradise Cove Marina is were I have purchased all my G3 boats and I was there when they prepped my boat and Joey is very skilled and he pays a lot of attention to detail. Ann Davis is a great lady to deal with and all that goes into the purchase of boats, she makes it a pleasure. G3 you have the most complete package and when people ask me about G3 I can't say enough great things about your boats from the performance to the craftsmanship. Thanks!!!

Date: 06/11/2014
Edward Nestor of Slatington, PA writes:

Just love my 2012 1860 ccj great boat love the layout lots of room runs great in the river I think you could run that jet on a wet sponge G3 done a great job

Date: 02/19/2014
Toby Downey of Strawberry Plains, TN writes:

I am from the world of fiberglass bass boats that feel slow at 70 mph. I recently purchased a new 1860 DLX ccj with a Yamaha 90 jet thinking my days of excitement, much like the days of my youth, were in the rearview mirror of life. Boy was I wrong! Having a rig that will run upstream in extremely skinny water at 30+ mph is AWESOME! No, I can't run down the lake at 70 plus anymore but in retrospect I have never boated the first fish going that fast anyway. I can fish all day on 4 gallons of fuel now in waters I could only access by canoe and wading previously. I am getting to meet a whole new world of smallmouth and trout that have never heard the sound of an outboard before. I thought I would also quickly grow tired of all the leers and comments about my motor missing the lower unit. I instead love it because I know all my buddies are jealous I am setting the hook on fish they can't get to. Glass doesn't like rocks! Ha Ha

Date: 02/19/2014
Jed Cutshall of Chuckey, TN writes:

Hello my name is Jed and I am an avid fisherman on the lakes of eastern Tennessee. I have recently purchased my first bass boat, a G3 Eagle 170, and I have to say that I was surprised at the fishability of this 17 foot boat. It's a great starter boat for young anglers such as myself and pulls easy behind a mid size truck. I think the staff at G3 is doing a wonderful job making the best aluminum boats on the lake. Keep up the good work.

Date: 04/11/2013
Richard Fiems of Port Byron, IL writes:

Two things:

First, I just purchased a Talon 17 DLX and I could not be more pleased. I fish quite a few local tournaments on the Mississippi River and I cannot wait for the tournament season to start. The 17 DX is a well designed and well constructed boat. The 90 hp Yamaha motor has been fun to break in and runs great. The storage is perfect and the live well is huge. The red wrap also looks great with my red truck. The fit and finish on the whole boat is superb.

Second, the dealer that I purchased the boat from has been as good as the boat. Bitler Marine in Albany, Illinois has a very knowledgeable and accommodating crew and were very patient and understanding with me while they installed the additional equipment that I wanted. Tom Bitler is a great guy to deal with too. The only issue that I had (depth finder) was taken care of on the spot and to my complete satisfaction. He and his crew take good care of their customers.

You make a great product and you have some fine people selling and working on your boats. I just thought you should know.

Bass fishermen can be a pretty demanding customer base. This one is pretty happy with his new "retirement" boat. See you on the water!

Rick Fiems

Date: 09/05/2012
Kevin Winsor of Bethel, ME writes:

I just bought a 1656 CCJ for use on the shallow Androscoggin River in Bethel, Maine.

I've only had it out twice but it is clearly capable of running circles around my previous jet boat. I'm very pleased with my decision to buy a G3.


Date: 09/28/2011
Richard Cooper of Rosenberg, TX writes:

My wife and I are the very proud owners of a G3 V143 Outfitter. I want to attach an anchor pole bracket to the transom. Would you please email to me the angle of the transom?

My wife and I have owned boats for most of our marriage - from a small aluminum boat with a 9 hp motor to a 23 foot cuddy-cabin. Our last boat was a 21 foot Praline. While we have enjoyed all of our boats, I can honestly say that our G3 V143 Outfitter is by far our favorite. We have it outfitted with a side console and use it to fish the shallow flats along the gulf coast of Texas for Trout, Redfish and Flounder. It is a wonderful boat.

Also, our dealer, Rick Kresta at Kresta Marine went out of his way to accommodate us. I am past 70 and have dealt with many boat dealers in Florida and Texas, and Rick stands at the top.

Thank you for a great boat and for your help.

Date: 09/18/2011
Mike Dutzar of Nanticoke, PA writes:

My name is Mike and I purchesed a new 1860 cc dlx with a 90/65 jet drive in June of this year.  I never have written a email to anyone that I purchased a larg dollar item from but I realy have to tell you that this is the best boat I have ever been in.  We have a summer place on the susquhanna river and of all the boats near us the G3 is the top of the class.  Just wanted to let you know how great you boats are.

Thank You,

Date: 07/18/2011
Todd Knox of Lafayette, LA writes:

I purchased an Eagle 175PF in 2006, my first boat, and have been extremely pleased with it. I fish the Atchalafaya Swamp and surrounding area where there is a mix of shallow and deep water with large amounts of Water Hyacynth - most aggravating - but not the boat. It has performed over and above my expectations. I purchased the boat with the Yamaha 50TLR and was somewhat anxious I hadn't enough horsepower. Well, I needn't have worried. It's gets on plane and runs 30-33mph if needed. Easy on gas too. I've gone places others would fear to tread. I added a few "gotta have accessories" and raised the rear fishing area to add more storage which worked out fine. Gulf Coast Boats in Lafayette were great and have serviced the boat every spring with no problems. I have been more than pleased with the G3 Eagle PF. Lots of compliments from others and have caught some great fish as well. But even if I hadn't, I always have a great boat ride. Thanks G3!

Date: 02/27/2011
Sheldon Terning of Tulsa, OK writes:

My wife and I purchased a new 2010 LX22FC with a Yamaha 115 HP motor. The boat has been fantastic. The layout is a little cramped in the back two chair area and between the table and captains chair, but overall the boat has been a really good product. We have the vinyl floor as we noticed a lot of used carpeted boats with stains from pop, mud, fish poop, etc.With the vinyl you can take a brush and hose or a power washer to make the floor look like new in seconds. The motor is very quiet and goes slow enough to troll fish at ease, and pulls tubes and skiers easily. The main reason I'm writing though is to acknowledge our boat dealer Paradise Cove Marina. They are located on Fort Gibson lake within Sequoya State Park in Hulbert, OK. We bought a new boat but did not buy a trailer as we bought a lift and have the marina service the boat, lift, and all our other needs. This is a family run marina and everyone is very good to deal with. They have met all our needs and they go "all out" to please their customers. If you're anywhere near their marina, this would be one of the best places to buy and keep your boat. Call 918-772-7230 and talk to Ann. It will be very good choice.

Date: 02/27/2011
Barry Rand of Old Lyme, CT writes:

I bought my G3 boat in 2005. Before that I hunted and fished out of Lowe v-bottom boats. I waited this long to write my review because I had used the v-bottom boats for over 20 years and thought that they were the best boats for the type of hunting and fishing that I do. I was wrong, and feel like I wasted 20 years of safety, stability, and comfort. I bought my G3 Jon 1652 from Reynolds Marine in Lyme, CT and it is by far the best boat I've ever owned.

Date: 02/18/2011
Mike George of Greensboro, NC writes:

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for an awesome boat. I purchased my 2007 1860  DLX Center Console G3 boat with a 75 hp Yamaha four stroke as a used boat in April of 2010. I have absolutely loved this boat and sing its praises to anyone who will listen. Anyway, I had two exceptional days fishing with my kids and a friend this week catching 370 crappie with probably 130+ of them being over the 10" minimum for "keeper" status. My G3 is an absolute dream to fish out of and its layout makes me much more successful in my fishing adventures. I fish for catfish, stripers, and crappie mostly out of my G3 and love being on the water. I have it set up for trolling for stripers with a "trolling bar on the back, and downriggers as well. I also have multiple driftmaster rod holders spread around the boat. I have many fishing pictures I could share of me, family and friends in my boat, but just wanted to share this post from a local fishing website thinking you would enjoy the last picture as it showcases family, friends, success, G3, and Yamaha. Thanks again for a wonderful product, I look foward to many more years of enjoyment in my G3.

Date: 12/13/2010
Richard Ruggiero of Harpursville, NY writes:

I picked up the 167 side console from Hanafin Marine in August 2010. Got to use it a few times on Lake Onterio and Oneida lake. Both lakes are pretty large; Onterio being like an ocean and I was very impressed. The quality and ride were great. Even my wife thought so in some rough water on the big lake. This is my first aluminum boat and it was a choice I am glad i made and it was not the competitors I picked. I can't wait till spring to take it striped bass fishing down off New Jersey. Guys keep up the good work.

Date: 8/26/2010
ROBERT VIAL of Sandia, TX writes:

My wife and I purchased a G3 1652 CC last month from Himell marine in New Iberia , Louisiana . We had a very pleasant experience with Jim Shelton the sales represantative . The price was right and the boat definetly satisfied our needs. We are very happy the way the boat handles on smooth and ruff waters . The 50 HP Yamaha offers plenty power for take off and cruising .

Date: 8/26/2010
Elton Berry of Crystal Springs, LA writes:

I have owned a G3 jon boat for 10 years. I live in MS, but fish in the LA marsh, have camp there. I cannot said enough good things about my 1860 jon boat. You should put me on a G3 promotion. It is and has been a great boat. I have a 90 on it and can basically go anywhere in the marsh.

I go places and catch fish where nobody else can go. It is getting a little old now, like me, and I am thinking about purchasing a new one.

Thanks for having such a product that will last so long.

Elton Berry

Date: 8/31/2009
Neil Toland of Wapello, IA writes:

My Wife and I just watched the CD I requested from your web site - Factory Tour - and really enjoyed it. Nice seeing folks working to make a good product. As a two time V170T owner I can attest to your service as well as your product as well as the dealer's service where I purchased the boat. These are two of the most important considerations when I purchase a boat & outboard.

But(!) - My boat has the Mossy Oak camo paint job and I see you are no longer offering that.(on the V170) If I had a nickle for every compliment I've gotten on that paint job I could buy you folks out (well, that's a bit of an exaggeration).

Thanks and keep up the good work - I've got to buy one more boat before I retire...

Date: 8/19/2009
Mark Ervin, Sr. of Bean Station, TN writes:

I bought my Sun Catcher LX 22 (bright yellow), a couple of years ago from Linda's Lakeside Marina in Bean Station, TN and I get compliments about the beauty of it everywhere that I stop on the lake! Everyone that lives on my end of the lake knows who I am when spotting my family and I cruising around. The 4 stroke Yamaha 90hp is so quiet that sometimes I forget that it is actually running. I've owned several boats in my lifetime, but the G3 is as good as they get! When and "IF" I ever wear this one out, I'll definitely purchase another G3.

Date: 7/8/2009
Warren Lee of Theodore, AL writes:

I just thought I would take a minute to tell you about your G3 17ft all welded jon Boat that I have. I have been taking it into the Gulf of mexico 4 1/2 miles offshore for several years now in all kinds of weather and seas, sometimes 6 ft seas. Oh yea did I mention I unload into giant granite bolders with it. Yes, I use a safety boat, and yes your boat has performed without failure no seams opening up at all. And after the years of pounding I have given it, I was really surprised. You see I have destroyed three other boats in the Gulf of Mexico before I got yours. I use it for transportation to the Sand Island Lighthouse and Middle Bay Lighthouses. I am the Sand Island Lighthouse Chairman for the 501C3 nonprofit, Alabama Lighthouse Association. You guys build one fine boat. If you ever need a salt water boat torture tested just let me know :).

Warren Lee

Date: 6/3/2009
Kenneth Drew of Dunnellon, FL writes:

My wife and I bought a 2072 dlx johnboat from apopka marine in Inverness, Florida and have been very satisfied with the performance of this boat. We get a lot of compliments on it from people that see us on the water. I would recommend this boat to anyone that wants a serious fishing boat as well as a family fun boat. It has been everything we wanted in a boat for our family, keep up the good work!

Date: 6/3/2009
Don and Lori Hodges of Perry, FL writes:

We bought a 1756 tunnel G3 from Mike's Marine in Panacea,Fl. We love it, we fish the flats so shallow water is a must. We mean shallow and the Red fish and trout are our prey. Our boat is awesome and the service we get from Mike's is great. Thank You for the good time.

Date: 5/7/2009
Mike McNeilly of Sevierville, TN writes:

1860 deluxe CCTJ with a Yamaha 90/65 jet. In my opinion, the best river boat made. I've got two other friends and we all are really suprised at the performance and quality. I would put this G3 up against any other boat in it's class. Excellent!!!!!!!!!

Date: 2/9/2009
Larry Norred of Montgomery, AL writes:

I have a G3 1860VBW that is the best hunting and fishing boat that I have every owned. There is only one problem with the boat, all my buddies want to take the G3 and leave all of the other brands at home. It is safe and will never let you down when it comes to hunting in bad weather or fishing on big water.

Date: 1/28/2009
Scott Traenkner of Lake Wylie, SC writes:

I usually don't make it a habit of making testimonials, but I wanted to thank you for designing a boat that has fit perfect into my sons and mine life for nearly 11 years now. I first bought the boat in 1998 and took my son in his car seat he is now almost 12 and we have enjoyed many adventures in our G3 boat. Many of big fish, little fish and sometimes no fish at all, but we always have had fun. Our G3 boat has never let us down and always runs great. Even at ten or eleven years old we still routinely get compliments on our boat.

Thanks Scott C. Traenkner

Date: 1/27/2009
Gary Hanzel of St. Charles, IL writes:

Fishing numerous big lakes, (Winnebago, Michigan, St. Clair, Erie, etc...) I needed a large trailerable Walleye boat. The 210 Advantage met the criteria. Matched with the Bear dual axle trailer, I felt this boat/trailer was the right match. After 1 season, (08) I'm satisfied the boat has all the room and fishing amenities I could ever ask for. The ride in chop greater than 2' is rather hard and the spray is a bit more than I like, (it should come with a windshield mount soft top / bimini). This is a well built boat and should withstand the tough conditions I'll put it through.

Gary Hanzel

Date: 11/10/2008
Kevin Bryant of Charleston, SC writes:

My wife surprised me a few months back with a brandnew Camo 1860CC. I have the 90 Yamaha on the back. This boat is awesome. I run the rivers at 42 mph and have the ability to get a little skinny for sight-casting to reds. Very stable platform nad takes a decent chop with very little sneeze. I love my G3.

Date: 4/27/2008
Keith Garner of Seymour, TN writes:

I bought a 2072 jon in 2006 and this boat is awesome. Its the first boat that I've had that recieves compliments at just about every ramp. Its big and very stable. I mainly bowfish out of mine and usually have 3 or 4 others bowfishing with me and the boat is stable at all times and will draft very shallow. I don't baby equipment and expect it to hold up to any abuse I put it thru. This boat has well exceeded my expectations.

Date: 4/23/2008
Hugh Truex of Penn Valley, CA writes:

In December of 07 I purchased a HP 180 with the 150 four stroke. In the past making long runs or extended camping trips made managing fuel a problem. The four stroke combined with the large fuel tank have eliminated that problem. The fit and finish on the boat is second to none. I purchased the boat at Sutter Marine in Yuba City California and they were great to deal with. Be prepared to spend a little extra time at the launch ramp, generally someone will want to look at the boat and ask questions.

Date: 4/23/2008
Jeremy Henry of Theodore, AL writes:

I have a 1652 s/c gator tough series. I have had it for a year now, and it is the best all around fishing boat I have ever had. I fish the rivers, and do a lot of inshore fishing, and it handles the choppy water just fine. The 50hp yamaha is the perfect fit for this boat. If I ever buy another boat, it will definitly be a g3. Thanks for building such a great boat.

Date: 4/3/2008
Dr. Brance Hagood of Rogersville, TN writes:

I've owned my 1652DK with a Yamaha 40 Jet for over 2 years. It's simply the best shallow running boat on the market. I fish for Walleye and Sauger in the shallow rivers of East Tennessee and go where alot of other boats can't reach. I plan on buying another G3 2072 CCDLX with a 115 4 stroke for my tournament Crappie fishing. Thanks again G3!

Date: 2/22/2008
Bryan Crain of Yukon, OK writes:

I would like to thank G3 for such a great boat. I purchased my 1652 DK w/40 Yamaha 4 stroke last June and would have to say that the whole process of buying the boat, to going fishing, to going hunting has been everything I hoped for and more. The dealer, Bay Water Sports in Maryland, which I bought my boat from was very professional and just a great group of people. I would definitely recommend G3 and Bay Water Sports to anyone.

Date: 2/14/2008
Jimmy Monteith of Waldorf, MD writes:

My name is Jimmy Monteith and I purchased an LX3 26 DC through Paradise Cove Marina on Fort Gibson Lake in Hulbert, Oklahoma. What a great bunch of folks to deal with. I was treated as a valued customer from minute one when I met them at the Tulsa Boat Show. Ann Davis with Paradise Cove is such a nice person. She has earned my business for life. What an awesome dealer you have in Paradise Cove Marina and Ann Davis. I looked alot of pontoon boats and did alot of research before deciding on a G3. You guys build a great product and stand behind it. I can't wait to get my new boat from G3. Hopefully it will be in my possesion soon. Get that baby built and sent to me.LOL Hopefully, you all are not too far behind in production and will have it built especially for me and my family soon. In case you can't tell we are very excited!!

Thanks alot,

Jimmy Monteith

Date: 2/12/2008
Phillip Taylor of Halifax, NC writes:

I have a 1860 outfitter with a tiller 60 yamaha bought in '05 I have had a number of alumi. boats, but the G3 is the best by far. I fish lake Gaston & The Roanoke River in NC. I can't say enough about your boat it's the best. I have never complimented any product before, but I am very satisfied with my G3 boat. I have logged a lot of hours fishing from this boat, more than the average fishermen. Fishing & G3 boats go together like Father & son. Thanks, my son and I are making a lot of memories.

Date: 11/15/2007
Terry Thomson of Peshtigo,WI writes:

In July of this year we purchased a new 2006 V170 G3 boat. The team at Tri-County Sports in Marinette Wisconsin are the true example of top shelf sales & customer service.

After going through the safety and operating instructions and reviewing all of the components in the boat and then finally the test on the river the boat handled perfectly and very responsive.

After several fishing trips this summer getting use to the boat it was tested in the areas largest Muskie Tournment this fall. My best friend never seen it until the tournment and was totally impressed with the standard options and with the Yamaha F90 4-stroke motor it had all a person could ask for. It was a joy to operate and in trying water conditions was a smooth operating boat.

My opinion is this will probably be the only boat I will own because of the quality, workmanship, and the options this boat is loaded with.

Way to go G3 I'm sold for life.

Date: 8/28/2007
Gunny Ivey of Kiln, MS writes:

I purchased an 1860cc in Camo with a 2-Stroke 90 Yamaha a couple of months ago from Duncan Marine in Flowood, MS and I would have to say the G3 is for sure GatorTough. Since I've had the G3, several people have flagged me down on the water just to look at the boat and say "Man that's a nice boat" and some have even offered to buy it and my answer is that its not for sale, but I know where you can get one almost like it and give them the number to my dealer. My boat is named "WaterGun" and I love it.

Date: 8/20/2007
John S. Baird of Vestavia Hills, AL writes:

My wife and I purchased the G3 Sun Catcher 18 Cruise two weeks ago and we love this boat. All of our friends could not believe the options, from the cover, Bimini top, stereo/speakers, ski bar, sun deck, livewell, changing room, table, awesome ladder, movable cup holders, courtesy lights and large seating areas that are included with this boat. The 18 Crusie feels big with all of the features you would find in larger models. We researched several months and explored all the competitive brands, but could not find anyone to match the quality, options and price we received with the G3. Tracker Boats dont compare. We store this boat at a Marina, and their staff see alot of boats, they tell me this is one of the best they have seen. We love the gas mileage on the 60HP 4 stroke. Mims Marine in Jemison Alabama did a great job selling this boat. Thanks for a great product.

Date: 7/21/2007
David Vaughn of Greenville, ME writes:

My wife and I own and operate a set of camps in the Maine Highlands and I just purchased a V143T package with the 20hp electric start Yahama as my personal boat. After a week with a client on various ponds and lakes including Moosehead Lake I can't say enough about the package. Rugged construction, flat floor, easy to tow, easy to launch and recover, stable on the water even in a 2-foot chop, and best of all, very economical to operate. The "camo" paint pattern also turns heads. Malcolm McGraw and the crew at Moosehead Motorsports were very courteous and professional in putting the package together and making sure I was satisfied. I'll be back for more when it is time to re-outfit the camps.

Date: 6/11/2007
Guy Broussard of Westlake, LA writes:

Can't say enough. I recently purchased a 1860cc DLX with a 90hp 4 stroke Yamaha. The boat is everthing I hoped it would be. The performance, ride and comfort are excellent. The Yamaha outboard is the most responsive and fuel efficient I've ever owned.

The crew at Lake Charles Yamaha were the best I've ever delt with, Greg Stanley and his guy's made the buy so easy, and made sure that the boat was rigged exactly the way I wanted.

With the G3 Boats and the people at Lake Charles Yamaha, I could not be happier.

Date: 4/29/2007
Frank Pinto of Northfield, NJ writes:

Last summer we purchased an LX20fc and enjoyed it till November here in the back bays near Atlantic City, NJ. We put her on stryo blocks for the cold winterand put on the supplied moring cover. Today I put her it in the water, (04/29/07) turned the key and went out on my fist ride of season with NO problems!

Thanks G3!

Date: 4/17/2007
Brian Bangtson of Osakis, MN writes:

Dear G3, i recently purchaced a SunCatcher 18' Fish pontoon. I ordered it through Minnawaska Marine in Starbuck, MN. It was delivered to my home and let me be the first to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the pontoon. I am in a wheelchair and was concered about room to move around in the pontoon but when I went in it there is plenty of room. I searched the web for about four monthes to come up with a quality pontoon and the "SunCatcher" was by far the best. Love the 75 h.P. Yamaha motor. The idea of having the 23 gal. built-in gas tank and two live wells is superb. No more smelly ,gasy hands every time I need to fill up. There are so many pontoon manufactures in the U.S. and abroad but none rivals the G3 SunCatcher. I live in an area of the state that has hundreds of lakes and can't wait to start showing off my G3. The dealer that sold me the 'toon was very helpful with everything, and to me that says alot about the pride of there product. Thanks for making a pontoon with the fisherman in mind.

Date: 4/11/2007
Paul Blankenship of Lakeview, AR writes:

My wife and I looked at numerouts pontoons on the market before deciding on a G3. The workmanship is among the best in the business and the support and staff are top notch. We have had our boat for two seasons now and could not be more satisfied with our choice. Way to go G3, you set the bar a little higher in the industry.

Date: 3/4/2007
Tim & Anne Hoffman of Middletown, PA writes:

My husband & I bought a 1652 G3 boat with a 60/40 Yamaha engine last April. This was our first boat and we did much research on the internet, as well as, visting marine dealers before we made our purchase. We were most pleased with JC Nuss and his staff at Lakeside Marine. JC went over all the details about the boat & engine with us. We told him want we wanted and even asked them to install a bimini top.

JC even met us at the dock and went out of his way to take us for a ride on the river to "show" us how to operate the boat and get it up on plane. This boat is well built and has plenty of power. We never had any problems with it or the engine.

I think we have the prettiest little fishing boat on the river! And we love to fish.

Date: 1/28/2007
Rick Rhoads of Bernville, PA writes:

I purchased my 165 Eagle last April and I have to tell you it is one of the nicest aluminum boats I have ever fished out of. The ride, stability, and workmanship of this boat is top quality. It has everything I wanted in a bass boat and is very affordable to most anglers who don't wish to purchase something big. Lakeside Marine in Harrisburg, Pa did a wonderful job in making my purchase smooth and easy. I hope to get many more years of enjoyment out of this. Finally someone has come up with the right package. Keep up the good quality work and I believe your company will be around for a long time.

Date: 10/19/2006
Jason King of Dadeville, MO writes:

Your Gator tough Jons are the best gigging boats out there. I love the large front step. What really sets your boats apart is they are tough and stable in the water, but not to heavy. The 1436 is perfect to put in the back of the truck and gig small rivers and creeks. Thanks for a great product for southwest Missouri sucker giggers.

Date: 8/28/2006
Hoss Sharifi of Yuba City, CA writes:

Hey all, I have a G3 1756 CC Deluxe jon, I put a jet on it 60/40.. This is the best river boat ever.. I take friends that are guides steelhead fishing in very shallow runs and it is just perfect.. The quality of these boats are outstanding for the price.. Right now I am trying to sell my 1756cc so i can get a 2072 CC Deluxe jon... The extra room will be better for family. Compared to fishrites, Northriver and all the other high price Aluminum boats these boats are much better for fishing and also they will go where those boats won't.

Date: 7/08/2006
Kevin Bollinger of Millerstown, PA writes:

Hi, I just wanted to say WHAT A GREAT BOAT!!! I bought an 06 1756sc with a yamaha 60/40 jet a couple of weeks ago, from Lakeside Marine in Harrisburg PA. J.C.Nuss the salesman was great. He was the only salesman who told me to go home and think it over before I made my decision. The other boat salesmen must have thought it was on e-bay "BUY IT NOW"!!! He was right on with everything, the boat and motor work great together. I looked at a lot of other boats (lowe,tracker,lund) and "NONE" compare to my G3's QUALITY & VALUE. Fit and finish are excellent. Quality is everywhere on this boat.To find quality look at the welds and materials on all the boats, none will compare the G3. THANK YOU FOR BUILDING A GREAT BOAT!!

Date: 4/26/2006
James Whitton of Evadale, TX writes:

I purchased a G3 1652 cc boat from Dawson Marine in Jasper, Texas a few weeks ago. Just wanted to let you know doing business with them was a pleasure. The salesman was John Presley. He did a great job, NO HIGH PRESSURE, just facts and knowledge. I am 55 years of age and have owned 3 other name brand aluminum boats, none were as good as the G3. The dry and smooth ride says it all and it is comfortable to fish out of. Keep up the great job!

Date: 4/20/2006
Michael Clinkscales of Belton, SC writes:

I picked up my new 1756 Gator Tough Jon just last week. This boat goes way past my expectations and draws attention everywhere I go. This boat is a total package from the gound up, nothing was overlooked from the trailer to the motor. I couldn't ask for anything more for the money. Thanks for building a solid, fun and great looking boat. Thanks also to the fine folks at Long's Fishing and Marine in Anderson, SC for all their help in purchasing this boat.

Date: 2/23/2006
David Batts of Ankeny, IA writes:

If you're looking for a multi-species boat, look no further than the V185F. Having been a tournament bass fisherman for many years, and having owned many bass boats, I decided it was time for a more comforable and dry ride. After a great deal of research I decided on the V185F, and I will say it was a wise decision. It has a great deal of storage, which is lacking in many of the other aluminum boat lines, and the layout was well thought out. It is a dry ride, and even with all the gear I haul around, it jumps right up on plane (quicker than any bass boat I have owned). And to top it off, the price was more competetive than some of the other more well known names. I have no reservation recommending the G3 to anyone looking for a quality outfit. I would be remiss if I didn't throw in a good word for Joe Wolf at Installation Plus, Creston, Iowa. He does not have your typical salesperson mentality. He is fair and honest, and his service after the sale is second to none.

Date: 2/6/2006
Roy Boyd of Victoria, TX writes:

Dear G3,

I purchased your Eagle 185 this last fall, with the Yamaha 115. My previous boat was a 17.5' fiberglass bass boat with a 150 engine (non-yamaha). Not only am I impressed with the quality and performance of the boat, I am very impressed with the gas mileage of the engine. This boat runs exactly the same speed as my previous boat (54mph). However, it gets twice the gas mileage! The layout and deck space on this craft provide outstanding fishability. I must say that I am impressed. Thanks for the great product.

Roy Boyd

Victoria, TX

Date: 1/16/2006
John Bachman of Woodbridge, VA writes:

Dear Sirs,

I recently purchased a G3 1444vbw on 14 Jan 06. I was looking for a small welded Jon boat to enjoy fishing in Northern Virginia during my now military retired status. As soon as I read the specifications on your web site I knew this is the boat I wanted. The only problem is I could not find one in my area. I contacted the closest dealer with one in stock. The dealer was Bay Watersports in Grasonville Maryland. An almost 2 hour drive away. After meeting Mr. Louis Alcamo at the dealership it was a trip well worth the effort. His pleasant demeanor and knowledge was a joy. So much that I enjoyed my time speaking to him more than looking at the boat, which I bought on first sight. He and the dealership are a credit to your program. It is with great pride I now own one of your products. With even greater pride I had such a good experience purchasing it.

John Bachman

Date: 11/6/2005
Danny Gilbert of Chattanooga, TN writes:

I would like to let you guys know that I bought my G3 Eagle 165 in May of this year and it has been the perfect boat for me. Its just the right size for anyone who fishes alone, because of its easy management both on and off the water, and when a friend comes with me space is not a issue. I would also like to say that when anyone who ask me about my G3 I have absolutly no problem endorsing your product or the yamaha 4 stroke that came on it. You have gained a loyal customer.

Danny Gilbert

Date: 9/8/2005
Brad Walden of Hannibal, MO writes:

Dear G3,

Thank you for the reimbursement for my 2005 fishing license. I purchased my new G3 at Jack's Harbor Marine in Hannibal, MO just about a month ago. I had purchased a Lowe 1860 Roughneck earlier this year but totaled it after striking a stump at Mark Twain Lake. Although I was bummed about that, it worked out great in the end. I absolutely feel my G3 is twice the boat as the Lowe. Although it is just a jon boat, I always get compliments when I pull up at my local beach on the Mississippi River. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Brad Walden

Date: 9/1/2005
Drew Davis of Raymond, MS write:

I recently purchased the Eagle 175 with a Yamaha 90HP motor on it, and it is Great! The motor starts extremely quick and gives the boat a smooth ride. The design of the boat is excellent especially with a built in cooler!! Maneuvering around in swampy areas where fish are known to be find is no problem with the 175. Perfect boat for people that just want to get out on the water and fish, fish,fish! It is truly worth it all!

Date: 8/10/2005
Curtis Young of Mobile, AL write:

I purchased the 175PF with a 60HP 4 stroke. The ride is smooth and most of all completely dry. The 4 stroke Yamaha starts easy and gets great gas milage. The 175PF boat, motor & trailer package is perfect for taking kids of all ages fishing. Even a 54 year old kid like myself!

Date: 8/1/2005
Lonnie Sadeler of Murphysboro,IL write:

I just took my new 175 Golden Eagle out today; Looks sleek,shiney,you need sun glasses to look at it a super nice boat bar none,and fishes as good as it looks plus the cost will let you buy more fishing stuff. To Miss Kim Rocker of customer service for going the extra mile in a problem I had, and to G3 it self for caring enough about the people that buy their boats to go the extra mile to keep their company a large step ahead of every boat builder around, and to Bill of Harrison Sport Shop on Cambria Road Hurst IL for his help also, need a G3 boat see Bill.      again THANK-YOU         Lonnie Sadler

Date: 7/16/2005
Charles & Linda Gierer of Florissant, MO write:

My wife and I bought a Sun Catcher LX 20c on the 4th of July this year. I am very impressed with the construction of the boat and even got comments from other people that said the same thing after looking at it. We got the 60 hp 4 cycle fuel injected engine. After being on the water all day we use about 7-8 gal. of gas. that makes it nice at the pump these days. We really like the trailer and ladder to get up to the boat. My 78 year old aunt was able to get on very easy. My wife (Linda) has never driven a boat before but has been the one to launch the boat and pull it back on the trailer by herself even one night at 9:45 pm.

I also want to say that the dealer, Jack's Harbor Marine in Hannibal, Mo was very helpfull by asking us questions about what we wanted to do with a boat and helping us decide what boat would be best for our needs.

Keep up the good work. I will proudly show off my new boat to others.

Chuck & Linda Gierer

Date: 7/3/2005
Jonathan Schale of Centerville, MN writes:

We purchased a G3 Sun Cather PB20 Fish from Gander Mountain in Forest Lake Minnesota and are very pleased with the Boat. It is quite a Rig. We really like the padded seats, the table, the storage areas and the locking box for fishing poles. One thing I really like about it are the two live wells that are in the boat.

Date: 6/28/2005
Jerry & Becki Driggers of Rock Hill, SC write:

We recently purchased our 1860 cc with a 90/65hp Yamaha jet drive from Marine Service in Rock Hill,S.C. All I can say is WOW! What a rig! The good people at Marine Service did a wonderful job rigging, and custom making parts for my needs. I just can't say enough for such a fine product like G3.

Thanks, Jerry & Becki

Date: 6/7/2005
Jess Forrester of Covington, GA writes:

I just purchased the 1548 and wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my decision. I fish electric only lakes here in Georgia. B&B Marine in Conyers was very helpful in my selection process. Your boat is sturdy and well built. The most stable jon I have ever been in. It draws very little water and I put in the lake in a a remote location, and it is a snap. I have an 82 pound 24 volt on the back and a 42 pound 12 volt on the front. Once I put this boat in the water I fell in love with. It's like fishing in a high dollar bass boat and I couldn't be happier. Thank you for a fine product.

Date: 4/19/2005
Mark & Tauna Barrett of Broken Arrow, OK writes:

We recently bought the Sun Catcher 22c with a Yamaha four stroke 115 h.p. Motor. We added the enclosure which makes the boat like a pop up camper. We have been out cruising several times and have found the motor very quiet and the gas mileage outstanding. We researched pontoons for 8 months and are very glad we selected the Sun Catcher 22C. The Sun Catcher is the best built, most comfortable and best looking Pontoon of all offered. The boat cover is a nice added part of the purchase. We just took off the enclosure and used the cover over the whole boat. Tauna and I have found a way to escape thanks to Sun Catcher. We have never had so much fun. Thanks for the fishing license and the great Boat. We are always excited to head to the lake to get on our Sun Catcher .


Date: 4/11/2005
Steve Jarrett of Valrio, FL writes:

I just purchased a G3 HP170 from Paul Gonnelli at Ozona Shores Marine Center in Palm Harbor, FL. Prior to purchasing this boat, I compared it to the Bass Tracker and found the G3 to be superior. Let me tell you this is the nicest boat I have ever seen. It starts first time every time, the 4 stroke engine is extremely quiet and the deck space rivals much larger boats. The experience and helpfulness of Paul and his staff was outstanding as well. I would recommend this product and dealer to anyone looking for the best boat on the market!


Date: 4/9/2005
RJ Seader of Evans, CO writes:

April 09,2005 I just purchased from Marine Sports West in Loveland, Colorado,the G3 V185F coupled with a Yamaha 150 four Stroke and T-8 kicker. This is not my first muti-species boat, as I have owned several models of Walleye boats from the top named boat manufacturer in the industry. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the G3. It is one solid and well thought out design. It has more storage than I've seen in any other boat. It takes on the rough water with ease and gives me a dry ride. I was also very pleased with the quick response from Mark Morque, Tech support Engineer for G3 for replying to my questions prior to purchase. I can honestly say this boat truely gives you more bang for your buck.

RJ Seader


Date: 3/21/2005
Darby Gay of Panama City, FL writes:

Recently purchased an 1860CC G3 from Hart's Marine and just wanted ya'll to know that I am loving this boat!! Tops out around 42-43 mph with a yamaha 90 hp, lots of fishing room and easy clean up are the best!!! Not only that, I know personally that the live well is big enough to hold 8+ lb bass with lots more fish in the live well!


Date: 3/11/2005
Darron Davis of Cottageville, SC writes:

I would to thank you for building such a great boat. I bought it in March of 2005,We took out and enjoyed the ride and comfort. EXCELENT choice in power {40 YAMAHA 2 STROKE}. WOULD recommend anyone to buy a G3. Esp. the 1652SC


Date: 2/1/2005
Ken Goldberg of DeLand, FL writes:

Dear G3 Boats,

My wife and I puchased our 1860 Tunnel Jon center console around Christmas 2003 from Stewart Marine in Sanford, Florida. Let me tell all that this boat can go where most can't in the Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River system of saltwater flats and estuaries. I have run on plane in 3 to 4 inches of water and gotten out of places starting in 8 inches all without tearing up bottom. The sponsons and jack plate with a 90 Yamaha and Powertech 4 blade make it happen when it needs to happen and the boat rides well and feels solid even in a chop. The good people at Stewart Marine prepped the boat perfectly and provide excellent service backed by G3.


Ken Goldberg


Date: 1/3/2005
Louie Hancock of Indian Trail, NC writes:

I just bought a 2072 with a 90hp Yamaha. We went out of the Cape Fear river out to Frying Pan Tower 38 miles. Love the boat and had a lot of compliments on it.

Caught 16 Kings, 6 Bonita and 50lds of bottom fish. Would send a picture but I can't.

Have a good day.



Date: 12/17/2004
Bill Thomas of Niceville, FL writes:

WOW! I can't say enough about my new HP170 coupled with the Yamaha 115 (four stroke). I purchased the rig in October from the fine folks at Harts Marine in Panama City Fl and let me tell you Cliff and the rest of the folks there are great! I called Cliff and told him what I wanted and couldn't belive that after a two hour drive from Niceville to Panama City, my new HP was ready for delivery. I would recommend anyone wanting a new rig to go see Cliff and the rest of the staff over at Harts Marine in Panama City. Oh, and by the way, our December tournament with my new rig was on the 11th out of Black Creek on the Chochtawhatchee. Guess what, you got it, I took 1st with the new rig weighing in 11.7 lbs with a nice kicker of 5.2 lbs. G3 will catch fish!

Bill Thomas


Date: 11/14/2004
Rick Sumrall of Baton Rouge, LA writes:

Wow!! Purchased a 2072 DLX from Recreational Specialties in BR, LA. What an amazing boat. Took it out for the first time yesterday and today and it performs unbelievable. The Yahama 115 4-stroke is amazing. Gets out the water quick and handles wonderfully. Mike Hughes and staff at Recreational Specialties were great to work with and definately an asset as a dealer for your company. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone interested in purchasing one of your boats.


Date: 06/01/2004
Dennis Peschka of Tulsa, OK writes:

Just a quick note to let you know how pleased my wife and I have been with our recent purchase of a new G3 LX322C tritoon. We could not be happier with the boat and the motor combination (150 Yamaha 4-Stroke). The combination of power and performance allows us to pull skiers, and tubers with ease, while still being able to enjoy a nice cruise at a comfortable speed.

While my wife and I enjoy the boat, we also could not say enough about Rod Morton and his staff at Morton Marine in Owasso, OK. They are knowledgable, friendly, professional, and made the buying experience a breeze. Not only did they take the time to answer all of our questions, but they are also very responsive to all our our requests.

There is no doubt that we will recommend G3 boats to all who will listen, but we will also let them know that as far as we are concerned there is only one place to buy a boat....Morton Marine in Owasso, OK

Dennis Peschka


Date: 03/09/2004
Kim Wauford of West Palm Beach, FL writes:

Dear G3boats,
My husband and I purchased a G3 2072 with a 115 Yamaha on March 10,2003.We live in Florida so we use the boat in the Lake,canal,intercoastal and the ocean. We have caught everything from bass, bluegill and speck to grouper,snook,sheephead,sharks,wahoo,snapper and sailfish YES EVEN SAILFISH. So you can see that in one year we have had lots of fun and adventures in our boat and we just wanted to let you all know we would recommend G3boats to everyone who loves the water.


Date: 3/04/2004
Don Robinson of Yankeetown, FL writes:

Dear G3,
I have enclosed my rebate receipts for my freshwater fishing license for 2004. I would like to thank you for another year of "free" fishing licenses and a year of "trouble free" fishing in my G3 Boat.

A satisfied customer,

Don Robinson
Yankeetown, FL

Date: 1/13/2004
Jeff Bunton of Cottage Grove, MN writes:

I purchased a V180C June of 2003, an have loved it since day 1. This boat has every thing that you could ask for in a boat, storage, floor room, speed with the VMAX150, and good looks. I do some tournament fishing and I get alot of looks and questions from the the tournament folks about my boat. I would highly recommend this boat to anyone and have. One very happy and satisfied customer.

Date: 12/16/2003
Shane Rice of Willow River, MN writes:

I purchased a V180wt rigged with a 150vmax in june of 03. I have been impressed with it since the day I saw it sitting on the showroom floor. It tows easily, launches and loads easier than it tows, and its performance on the water is flawless. It handles big water excellent and has always provided a dry ride. There is more than enough storage room, and the layout is perfect. I am extremely impressed with the staff at G3..... I would recommend this manufacturer to all of my friends--- In fact I already have!!!!!

Thank you G3.


Date: 08/11/2003
Brian Garrison of Joplin, Missouri writes:

I'm a proud new owner of an HP 190. I get compliments every where I take the boat. The performance is out of this world and the ride is beyond my expections of an aluminum boat. Also the employees of Cope Marine at Table Rock lake are excellent to work with. They have great deals and no high pressure sales.

Brian Garrison


Date: 08/11/2003
Gary Kees of Wimberley, Texas writes:

It is my understanding that the G3 boats are the 3rd generation of aluminum boats from the original Appleby boats. My family including my brothers and cousins grew up fishing out of my grandfathers Appleby, which he bought new and we still have. I recently began to redo some things on this boat and noticed the serial number tag was still attached. After cleaning and looking at it I noticed that it was the 114th boat built by Appleby. 43 years of service and it is still being used on a private bass lake. I will say though, my brothers and I decided to upgrade. We have ordered a new G3 1860 tunnel hull to use in saltwater. No doubt that this boat will outlast all of us and we hope that our grandkids can one day pass this boat to their own children. What a great quality boat! Keep up the superior workmanship.

Gary Kees


Date: 06/13/2003
Dr. Jon Arvik of Starkville, Mississippi writes:

"Last December, I bought a Pro 175 with a Yamaha 4-stroke 50-hp. This is my first boat after 40 years of wishing, and it is a dream. It is easy to tow, easy to launch and reload, and runs fast and dry. I can get into shallow water that the fiberglass bass boats can't even think about, yet the boat handles choppy water with the best of them. The service at Pickensville Marine just across the Alabama line was great; they patiently put up with lots of questions from this novice, and had answers for them all. Thanks to them and to G3 for a wonderful boat."

Dr. Jon Arvik


Date: 04/29/2003
Jerald Griffith of New Castle, Virgina writes:

"I purchased my 1860VBWCCT (tunnel hull) JON with F60 Yamaha, flotation pods, and jackplate in March 2003. I started reseaching boats in the fall of 2002,but could not find any to look at in this region. This is the only time in my life I have ever purchased anything without first seeing it. My goal was to buy a boat that would allow me to run in shallow water, and be able to get in the lake and still have some performance. Primarily I fish for smallmouth in the New River in Va. This a rocky swift river with many shallows. I can say without a doubt this boat fills the bill on all fronts. It has made believers out of several naysayers that were sure it would not work. Operating in a foot of water coupled with the visibility and balance provided by the center console won them over. The staff at G3 Boats was very helpful with my questions as well as the article in Bass & Walleye mag. Thanks G3 and your staff. S&D Lakeside Marine in Dublin Va. is a great place to buy your G3."

Jerald Griffith


Date: 04/14/2003
Michael White of Valley Center, California writes:

"I purchased my 2002 HP 180 with a Yamaha 115 HP 4 Stroke in Febuary 2002. Since that time, I might have missed fishing every weekend only twice. It is now April 2003 and I just filled the fuel tank for the eighth time..... I'm impressed. Many Glass Boat owners are taken back, with the wide beam of these G3 HP's. This is the best looking Aluminum boat on the lake. It never fails while towing, it takes many people several miles to pass me, they really look over the G3 as they pass by. I have had several people look over both sides of the boat before they move on.

At the Boat Ramp, it is so easy to put it in or out of the water myself, it is hassle free."

Michael White


Date: 02/21/2003
Steve Carstens of Middleburg, Florida writes:

"We absolutely love your new G3 - LX 22 Fish and Cruise pontoon boat, it is the best play toy we have ever bought. We go out in it every chance we get, and talk about enjoying the ride, this thing is off the scale when it comes to comfort. Then when you couple this with the 90 hp Yamaha 4 stroke engine you can hear everything that nature has to offer you, because this motor is so quite that if it would not of come with a tach I'd be running to the back just to make sure that it was still alive. Now you would think that with all of this you could not say much more but there is one more thing that people should know about this package and that is it seems like it runs on air because our gas gauge has not moved yet and no it works because I check it after coming home yesterday and it was still almost filled to the top yet. I can not say anything negative about this wonderful water craft, except I wish Yamaha would of started making them years ago, because then I could have been having the best time on the water during those years also instead of putting up with other type of boats.


Date: 02/10/2003
Wayne Cole of Columbia, South Carolina writes:

"In February of 2002, at the age of 50, I purchased my first boat. It was a G3, Pro 175, 2002 model. I was very impressed with the way it handled on the water. The engine Yamaha 50, was wonderful. Now it is February of 2003, I have decided that I would like to step up to a larger boat. So I began to look at fiberglass boats but my heart would bring me back to the aluminum boat and especially to the G3. After a short period of looking for a boat I decided to purchase a HP 190 SE with a 150 Yamaha HPDI. I am happy to say that I love this boat and look forward to many days on the water with it."


Date: 01/08/2003
Kenny Nelson of Dana, Indianapolis writes:

"I requested a catalog the first of the year and wanted you to know that I received your catalog within a few days. Two days later I saw the HP 190 SE at a dealer in Indianapolis and two hours later purchased the boat. After 32 years in law enforcement with 26 years being on the water as an Indiana State Conservation Officer, I was truly impressed by your product. I have OWNED, OPERATED, and OBSERVED many various makes and models of boats throughout the years, but this model is by far the best I have seen. I am now retired from the State and have a cruiser on Kentucky Lake where I spend about half of my time. As much enjoyment as my wife and I have gotten from fishing over the years, I'm sure we'll enjoy our time even more. We are retiring our 17 foot boat after 5 years and hope that our new boat brings us many good memories.

Thank You. Kenny Nelson

It impressed my wife cause she told me I could have it!!!"


Date: 09/03/2002
Jim Thomison of Signal Mountain, Tennessee writes:

"I bought a 1756SC this spring and IT IS ONE GREAT BOAT, if your wanting to bass fish, fly fish, catfish..... After looking at all of G3's competitors it is the best hands down. Great craftsmanship. If your looking for a good fishing boat this is it."


Date: 08/06/2002
Dennis Lufkin of West Bloomfield, Michigan writes:

"I have recently purchased a G3 16 1/2 foot aluminum (V-hull) boat w/ a 40 hp. I am really satisfied with this boat. I have looked real hard for 4 months to purchase a boat. I sold my 19 ft Starcraft (1962) boat to buy a smaller one for rivers and Lake Erie. I was really surprised how well the G3 handled in 1-3 foot waves in Lake Erie. YOUR BOAT WAS PRICED JUST RIGHT. I looked at maybe 8-12 other boats and this one for the money was the best deal."

Thank you.


Date: 05/20/2002
Mike Webb of Orange, Texas writes:

"I purchased a new Pro 175 - 2002 model from Dawson Marine in Beaumont, Texas in June of 2001. MY G3 RUNS AND HANDLES GREAT. I plan to purchase a new Skeeter in the near future and will keep this dealer in mind. They treated me right and rigged the boat the way I wanted and covered all the operation. G3 has sent me a couple of letters asking how I like the boat....this is important to me."


Date: 04/25/2002
William P. Byrd of Oak Ridge, Tennessee writes:

Dear G3 Staff:
Just a short note to let you know what a great time i've had during the first year of owning a G3 Pro175 (MV Series). THIS IS MY FIRST BOAT. IT'S A KEEPER.

Hope to have even more fun this year. The bass are getting active here in East Tennessee and it'll be spawn time soon. Take care and God Bless.


P.S. Thanks for the fishing license!


Date: 02/10/2002
Mr. Russell "Rusty" E Coffell of Overland, Missouri writes:

I purchased a 2001 HP 180 from Cope Marine in May 2001 and wanted to THANK YOU FOR THE OUTSTANDING COMMITTMENT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE I have recieved from the G3 Team. I could have chosen other brands but choose G3 because it offered the highest quality, best features and the best price.

I know that I made the right choice and I will encourage others to become G3 owners. I am on the water every weekend and will be fishing may tournaments this year in my HP 180 so you have an ambassador who will represent G3 in a positive manner.